Virtual visits are a great way for me to share the fascinating story of the invention of Crayola crayons and my author journey with school children and answer some of their questions without me having to spend any time traveling. Plus they have a lot less impact on my carbon footprint than a regular school trip.

FREE Storytelling, Author Visit and Q & A Session

Grades 2-5/ Y2-Y5


A reading of THE CRAYON MAN and presentation about writing true stories and working as an author and editor, followed by answers to students' questions. If there is a particular aspect of being a writer and/or THE CRAYON MAN that you'd like me to talk about, I'd be happy to incorporate it into our session.


Please Contact Natascha for available dates and times. The visit can be arranged via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or similar.

For more in-depth workshops on writing true stories, inventions, and creative editing and writing, please query Natascha.




1. Enthusiastic audience: To get the most out of my virtual visit, please share my book ahead of time with the children. You can do some crayon art and watch a video of how Crayola crayons are made. Find more ideas for how to tie in the book into your teaching and learning here.


2. A copy of my book: When I read my book aloud during your virtual visit, it is useful if someone can hold up a copy so the children can clearly see the pictures as they listen.


3. Prepared questions: Please ask the children to prepare questions in advance of my session.


If your students would like to order copies of my books from a local bookstore (or internet) to coincide with my virtual visit, I'd be happy to send you personalized signed book plates in the mail.


I look forward to connecting with you!


Ahead of my virtual visit, the 2nd graders at Claremont Elementary, NC, created sun catchers with Crayola crayons and the 1st graders even got creative with LEGOs and designed crayon holders for the eight original Crayola crayons.


“Natascha engaged and inspired our students as she shared about her life and passion for writing. She connected with the staff and students on a professional and personal level. Her photos brought the past to life and kept the students engrossed. She provided a unique experience that our students will not soon forget.” – Deanna Albertino, Media Coordinator, Claremont Elementary, NC