You can make a Doodle Diary with drawings, doodles and cartoon strip

stories to express how you're feeling and as a keepsake of what you're
learning or doing.


Look outside! The world is filled with WONDERFUL colors. That’s what Edwin Binney, the inventor of the Crayola Crayons, thought too.


No matter how you’re feeling, or what you’ve been doing, drawing is a great way to spend time alone or with other people, or even with a pet if you
have one.


When I put crayon to paper, I can let my imagination go for a ride!



I am keeping my drawings in a special keepsake box. One day in the future, I will open it and it will remind me of what I was doing during this time, and most exciting of all – all the new things I was learning!


What will you create?!

Below is a template that you can download and use if you want to create a cartoon story like I did. A great way to kick-start your story is to ask ‘What if . . . ?’


I love facts, so I challenge myself to learn one new fact a day. My son and I have been learning about rockets and living in Space.

Comic Strip Template
Comic Strip template.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 4.2 KB

We thought: ‘What if we sent some crayons to the International Space Station?’


Well, the crayons would float (there is no gravity in Space!) . . . plus they would get to see the Earth from a different perspective.


We also went outside and right now there are some beautiful blossoms in our garden.


Spring is coming and with it so many bright colors, just like in the Crayola crayons box!


What can you see when you look at nature outside?