Virtual visits are a great way for me to share the fascinating story of the invention of Crayola crayons and my author journey with school children and answer some of their questions without me having to spend any time traveling. Plus they have a lot less impact on my carbon footprint than a regular school trip.


Are you a librarian or teacher? Contact me to ask about a FREE virtual visit on topics such as creative writing, art, nonfiction research, invention for all age groups, lower school or high school!

FREE Author Visit and Q & A Session
30 minute presentation

Grades 2-5/ Y2-Y5


An engaging and inspiring presentation about writing true stories and working as an author, the process behind editing and researching, followed by answers to students' questions. If there is a particular aspect of being a writer and/or THE CRAYON MAN that you'd like me to talk about, I'd be happy to incorporate it into our session.


Please Contact Natascha for available dates and times. The visit can be arranged via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or similar. Virtual workshops also available!

"Natascha Biebow did a virtual author visit with K5 - 2nd grade. I wish we would've included the entire school as it would've been engaging for K5 - 5th grade or even middle school! She helped us understand how she goes through the process of writing. She included details of her life & had a very interesting presentation - my colleagues agreed! My students had just finished their draft copies of their nonfiction books. It is always hard to get them to re-write/revise their books. However, after Natascha's presentation they thought 1 revision was fine since hers took 2 years to write the book :). She inspired us." – Marie Welvang, Madison Elementary, WI

"Our homeschool group enjoyed hearing Natascha's writing process. She was so knowledgeable about Edward Binney and the invention of the crayon, it captivated the kids' interest and she did a great job of keeping the students engaged, even over the virtual platform!"Homeschool Group, Steamboat Library, CO


“Natascha Biebow visited with students virtually at the elementary school where I teach. It was such a pleasure to have her and the students had an absolutely fantastic time. They were amazed that they were able to meet a real author. Natascha talked about her life, how she decided to become an author, the writing process, and her book. My favorite part was the look on the kids’ faces when she told them how long it took her to write The Crayon Man. If you’re looking for an engaging and informative author, I highly recommend Natascha Biebow” – Rachel Hodges, Librarian, Catonsville Elementary School, MD


“Students and teachers really loved your presentation! It was great seeing the photos that served as inspiration for the book. We loved learning about how you collect, write, and revise your ideas for books, how you collaborate with others, and also hearing about how the illustrator created his artwork, too.” – Kristin Salsberry, 3rd grade teacher, Salt Brook School NJ


It was a joy to work with Natascha for our virtual author visits, she communicated well and made it clear what she was able to deliver for us. Her session was informative and inspired the children, who came up with lots of brilliant questions at the end of the talk. We look forward to working with Natascha again in the future.” – Elizabeth McDonald, Wokingham Borough Libraries, UK


"Our students thoroughly enjoyed your presentation! We recently started up our “Genius Hour,” a time where students can pick one of their passions to research, plan a project, and collaborate as they create. The beginning of your presentation where you talked about possible careers when you were a child really resonated with our students, and it also helped some who were struggling a bit to find a passion they were interested in pursuing." – Mr Schneider, 3rd Grade teacher, Colony Meadows Elementary, TX



FREE How to Research and Write Nonfiction Biographies Author Visit and Q & A Session
30 minute presentation
Grades 4+ including high school/ Y4+ including secondary school
Curious about how to research and write a nonfiction biography? How do you find a topic? How do you craft a compelling story? What sources should you use and how do you decide what information to include?  If your students are embarking on a creative writing project, this is a great way to get them fired up, inspired and started on the right foot.
“Our high school students really enjoyed the virtual visit with Natascha. She helped explain the steps of how to write a children’s biography with examples of types of research to use.  This was a great first-hand account on how to write and the process behind it.” Ms. Maderic, Librarian.  Pennridge High School, Perkasie, PA 





1. Enthusiastic audience: To get the most out of my virtual visit, please share my book ahead of time with the children. You can do some crayon art and watch a video of how Crayola crayons are made. Find more ideas for how to tie in the book into your teaching and learning here.


2. A copy of my book: When I read my book aloud during your virtual visit, it is useful if someone can hold up a copy so the children can clearly see the pictures as they listen.


3. Prepared questions: Please ask the children to prepare questions in advance of my session.


If your students would like to order copies of my books from a local bookstore (or internet) to coincide with my virtual visit, I'd be happy to send you personalized signed book plates in the mail.


I look forward to connecting with you!

VIRTUAL in-depth workshops on writing true stories, inventions, and creative editing and writing, please query Natascha.

Ahead of my virtual visit, the 2nd graders at Claremont Elementary, NC, created sun catchers with Crayola crayons and the 1st graders even got creative with LEGOs and designed crayon holders for the eight original Crayola crayons.


“Natascha engaged and inspired our students as she shared about her life and passion for writing. She connected with the staff and students on a professional and personal level. Her photos brought the past to life and kept the students engrossed. She provided a unique experience that our students will not soon forget.” – Deanna Albertino, Media Coordinator, Claremont Elementary, NC


A big thank you to COBB EMC for inviting me to join Literacy Week this November for virtual author visits all the way from London to Georgia at


Little River Elementary

Russell Elementary

Lewis Elementary
It was really fun to connect with media specialists and students! A special shout-out to Angely for this wonderful portrait of me.
"Thank you! Your presentation and involvement with the students were excellent."Tammy Watson, Assistant Principal, Russell Elementary, GA